"The lessons I have learned from my mentors are extremely invaluable to me. Through their mentorship I've been able to sharpen, as well as gain certain skills and abilities that have directed me towards my dream career path. Advice from an industry professional is truly an advantage to any college student. I would recommend any student who has the desire to distinguish themselves to join the mentorship program. The benefits are timeless and the knowledge you gain will stick with you throughout your career. If you're not sure of what career path you want to follow, a mentor is one of the greatest ways to find something you love." – Noah H, Protege

"The program has had a meaningful impact on me because it's opened my eyes to the benefit it provides to both mentor and protégé.  For the mentor, it allows them the opportunity to provide feedback about their past experiences as a student.  And, for the protégé, it allows the opportunity to grow and learn as they continue their educational journey with the intent of beginning a career.  In retrospect, I wish I had a mentor during my time at OSU that was able to provide me with insightful feedback about school, interviewing, beginning a career, national news, etc."  – David B, Mentor

The Spears School of Business Mentoring Program provides protégés access to experienced mentors who can contribute to their professional and personal development. The program provides a platform for protégés to realize their potential by enabling professional relationships with mentors, who act as role models and provide guidance to them. It offers opportunities to develop business contacts, access industry information, and gain valuable insights from experienced and successful professionals.

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